24 November, 2005

The Reverend Schmitt., FCD

I suppose I should write an introductory entry to all of the quite terrible business which is to follow.

Hello, I am Jason, but have long been using the Schmitt pseudonym, because its origins are a thing of grace and elegance. I am an English undergraduate attending the University of Central England, Birmingham. I am ridiculously British. I am agnostic; a term near meaningless without explanation, one I will almost certainly be providing. This section of the post is not my friend or yours.

I've long had an online journal, but have rather wanted something a wee bit spicier, where I could post about serious business indeed; my beliefs, opinions, politics, interests, and about news stories which catch my eye. That being said, I'm hoping to keep this fairly impersonal, and this will hopefully be the most self indulgent entry of the blog.

Regarding all of those titles: I was ordained by the Universal Life Church, because it was amusing, and I severely doubt that the title thereby granted of 'Reverend' is the least bit recognised in the UK. I am also a Friend of Charles Darwin, because science - that most mystical of methodologies - is neat.

-The Rev. Schmitt.

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