17 January, 2006

Politics Is Fun!

This is the guy known as 'the robot'? What the Hell is wrong with you people!

I watched the Kerry-Bush presidential debates and thought both of them were tepid, ill informed and almost identical in policies (when either were coherent enough to have a stated policy.) I've never seen Al Gore speak and assumed his speech style was similar to the eyes down droning of Kerry (don't get me wrong, stylistically he slaughtered Bush in the debates - but look at the competition here.) Al Gore is accurate, clear, passionate - furious even, his eyes on the audience and his demands specific.

-The Rev. Schmitt.


Pinko Punko said...

gore is awesome and smart. he fucked up only a little in his campaign during the debates because he got sidetracked by playing the presentation game- he should have been himself.

teh l4m3 said...

Gore was rizzobbed by a compromised, complacent media in 2000 -- Kos and Atrios have been on this for a while, and Daou's latest at Salon is a must read on how Republican talking points infect the media narrative.

Sarah said...

while I must admit that I didn't watch the Bush/Gore debates in 2000, I believe that Gore has only come into his own after the election. I mean, The Simpsons does not lie about personality. One of my high school teachers joked that he kept his personality in the "Lock Box" during the campaign. However, he was always a better candidate than Kerry. Both of their websites were mired in empty rhetoric and general yuck. "John Kerry has the courage..." was no way to sell his views.

Al Gore kind of has a gay lisp. I saw it when he hosted SNL.

Sarah said...

Oh, by "both of their websites" I of course meant Kerry's and Bush's. Oops.