01 February, 2006


Er, wow. My apologies about the long absence to my readers (both eternally precious and dear to my heart) - I had no idea it had been over two full weeks since my last post. University and my disgusting simulacrum of a social life had decided to impugn on my time wasting...time, with a test, large periods spent sitting around having nothing to do, and another test. Uni currently seems to be trying to drag me into reading an awful lot of books, a horrible waste of time preventing me from the true nitty gritty of an English course: making gentle love to Marx and Freud. I am also currently at home, on dial up, suddenly realising I have to be on a train scheduled to arrive in six hours, and therefore have plenty of time to get a full eight hours of sleep. Bumblepop and sodomy.

-The Rev. Schmitt.


Adorable Girlfriend said...

Gentle love to Marx and Freud? That cannot be good.

The Reverend Schmitt., FCD. said...

The first time is shocking. But they both know what they're doing. They're old hands at this, see. Been in the game a long time. Know the ropes, so to speak. They treat you a'right.